PDR meeting


We started our day with a meeting with some engineers; Jesse Austin (from JPL), Rebecca Lidvall (ball industries), and Brian Sanders (from CU boulder), about our PDR (preliminary design review). Yesterday afternoon, we stripped the servo shaft. We started the meeting by discussing ways that we could fix it. They also talked about our contingency budget and how we should budget for fresh parts before the competition. Some other topics included; how the rocker bogie system was unbalanced, the power budget and modifying it to include time, including a battery bank instead of one large battery, the new hand design, and a bucket design to hold the rocks we collect. Most of our day has been working to fix the issues addressed in the meeting. In other news, the color of the wheels has been decided! We are going to go with black, white, and blue wheels. We tested the cameras and made sure the robot was properly synced to Mission Control (It was!). Some of our team members are working on learning the ropes of 3-D design.

Had an interesting time trying the new jetpack connection while turning.

Here we are going forward….supposed to going backward though….just a few bugs to work out.


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