Upgrades, So Many Upgrades

First thing this morning we had a design review “pre-meeting” before our actual design review. The team presented our designated slides to our advisors in preparation for our Preliminary Design 2 Review. We learned that you aren’t supposed to look at the slides you are talking about during a professional meeting, say umm um basically umm, and don’t let your hands do more talking than your mouth.


Lots of upgrading was done today. The old arm servos were replaced with stronger ones, the new hand finished 3D printing with its new set of teeth, and our PDR is being updated with new pictures as well.




C.L.O.E.E.’s hand was plastidipped much better this time. -Thank you Lizzie

The gimbal was programed into the remote control as well.

We have our new wheels on with their dog balls and went for a test drive outside!





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