Critical design review


We had our penultimate meeting with Rebecca, Bryan, and  Jessie.  We were given suggestions on how to transport our robot to Houston and how to make sure we have a functioning robot there. In addition, we got a couple of  electronics and CDR suggestions. After this meeting, we used these suggestions to update the CDR (previously PDR).

We have the final draft for our T-shirt design. We had many differences of opinion in the process of the word jumble over the font, font size, font color, background color, and just about anything else possible to argue about was argued about. After all of these differences, we came up with our final design.


A fifth camera was mounted to the underside of the robot. The new camera gives us depth perception. This has made picking up objects with our arm a great deal easier. The view from the new camera is the window on the left.

In addition to the new camera, the building team also added two springs to our robot and a chute. The springs were added underneath both sides of the robot to help keep it from tilting backwards with the rocker bogie system. This will help us stay steady during the competition. The chute was added to help rocks and other objects that we pick up go into our collection box.

On to hand design number 5! Our fifth hand design has more rounded corners and has pointed teeth all the way around to provide us with more grip.




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