The adventures of “Him”

As of today our robot is nameless, so I will refer to it as “him”, it would be wrong any other way (unless he ends up being a girl). He had many successful runs over rocks and logs!

He climbed a mountain but drowned in a hill of wet sand.

Auguste said, “Let’s attach a jet pack to fly over it!” The robot almost landed on his head struggling to climb over a log much too dangerous for him, but thankfully Hayden saved him from imminent death. While we attempted to resuscitate our wheels so they could breathe again, a few wheels decided they were going to detach themselves from the body. We are thinking of new ideas for a better grip or wheel design at this point. Today was an interesting day. Everyone has spent many hours preparing for the first run. We were hoping for the best, but expecting less than perfection. We now have a lot of work to do from this point forward, but everyone is excited for our future.

Alfonso’s Hand Design:3-prong-hand-design


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