He is a She

Today, we had a revelation… CLOEE. Camera-Controlled, Land-based, Optical, Electronic, Explorer. That is her name. We made the decision to change him, into a her. She was truly meant to  be this way from the beginning, we just didn’t know it. As CLOEE was on her way to get some glamour shots, her wheels fell off as fast as we could put them on again (she wasn’t too happy). The set screws weren’t screwed far enough in the holes, but we fixed it. The team is also designing a new take on the wheels. They will be concave in on one side to save on weight, but with the same design idea as the wheels from SABLE. We have waited to 3D print the design yet for fear of another power outage, but hopefully if we plan correctly we can beat the wind – and the snow for that matter. But it’s up and running now and we are printing away. The arm is also being adjusted and changed so we can try Alfonzo’s design out.


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