The Ring-Pop Hand!

20170224_132148Another hand design has been added to our list! Our 3rd or 4th hand design (who’s counting? ) was designed by our very own Caleb Williamson. Seychelle used her resources in finding ways to dry this ring-pop colored plasi-dipped hand.

Lizzie misplaced our “perfectly” weighed  rocks, but later found them again sitting right where she left them… alone in the cold.

We also got our new Dynamixal servos and linear actuators today. Our arm is mostly assembled thanks to Alyssa and Josh. They tapped the plastic with the shorter screws that came with the servo. She used longer screws to attach the other part of the arm.

The programmers worked on the test program for the new servos, but were unable to test it today because of worries of connecting the servos to the power source. Our attempts are not aided by the fact that we went through a very traditional tech support experience.

I mean we are REALLY trying to avoid an explosion here! Hayden and Lane pondered how to reverse the polarity in our linear actuators and use them with negative voltage. Seychelle decided Google was our best option. She wasn’t fast enough however, because Hayden found the answer on the second page of the direction sheets – who reads directions these days?


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