It has been a very successful day! The day started with brainstorming new ideas for the box to hold our rocks because the current one was too small. We talked about putting a slope in the center of the box or slanting the bottom of it so the rocks will slide to the lowest end. We ended up deciding on a much bigger box that is under the platform with a slippery wood for the rocks to slide around on when the robot is moving so we aren’t stuck with a pile of rocks. Mark finished building it this morning while Josh built the brackets for our batteries so they are secured to the platform.


Jenny and Valon took inspiration from SABLE (our old robot) for building an on/off switch for C.L.O.E.E. They had to increase the length of some wires with wire cutting and soldering. Caleb connected the linear actuator to his hand design and 3D printed a new piece to connect it to the arm. We will be testing that shortly.

After many hours of brain wracking, Hayden figured out the problems we were having with our new servos (GO HAYDEN) and translated the code made for them to C++. Our arm is fully functional and has the power to pick up anything in its path -as long that something is less than 200g. Video below -The yellow duct tape is temporary because our hands’ servo is not connected so there wasn’t power to sold the rock in its hand.

Also, we raised $1,000 just this week! We only have $5,000 more to go, thank you to all of our contributors!


Stay Tuned Tomorrow!





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