Rainbow Wheels

How many students does it take to color coordinate and glue pokeys onto wheels? (5 apparently). Today, Jenny, Seychelle, Tony, Valon, and Caleb cut up pokey dog balls and glued them to the reprinted wheels. It took them a while to decide on the color scheme, but we decided on the most colorful option (As you can see).


Hayden, Auguste, Karen, Lane, and Josh tested the robotic arm’s camera. We realized there is a blind spot and decided to remount the camera another day. Also, the arm’s base servo doesn’t always work correctly, so Hayden will be fixing that soon. We also put a spring on the robotic arm to spread out the weight the servo needs to lift. Lane, Auguste, Lizzie, Jenny, and Tony all tried their hand at controlling the arm. August is currently the winning controller. He said, “I guess video games have paid off!” We tested lifting up small rocks and the alien life form (Mr. Bill). Whoever is best at controlling our arm will get to control the arm during the Johnson Space Rock yard test. Jenny’s mom brought Pizza for everyone! YAY!


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