Blast From The Past


Today the team members learned the history of the robotics program. Since we are presenting at an art gallery’s open house, the team decided that each years robot should be presented to the public. Each robot is being presented by two team members. It was amusing when Tony and Lizzie turned an old robot on that immediately ran away when they turned it on. They jumped up and chased after it when they recovered from their heart attack. Jenny said, “Yeah, that’s BEK-E. She’s our fastest.”

The robots are being presented by:

Whiskers: Caleb and Auguste

CASPER II: Josh and Mark

C.A.T. by:Alyssa and Seychelle

A.L.L.E.N. by: Valon  and Lane

B.E.K.- E. by: Tony and Elizabeth

S.A.B.L.E. by: Hayden and Jenny

Jenny and Seychelle are working on our new T-shirts. They were having a bit too much fun with it. Here’s what I mean. We will post True T-Shirt when it’s officially finished.

T-shirt joke

Hayden has been working on getting the dynamixal motors working again on the arm. The motors have a red light on them that signals that something is wrong. The problem this time was not that the motors were overheating, it was that the batteries were dying, thus making the motors struggle. The programing team is also working on programming the base servo for the arm today. The programing team will continue to work on getting the arm up and running.

We tried to pick up Mr. Bill and put him in the box. Got half-way there.


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