Our cameras are also streaming now so we can see where we are picking things up. We are going to be spending a lot 0f time practicing. Even the video gamers on this team seem to be struggling to learn this “real life” game of drop and pick up. We don’t currently have a winning score yet of those of who have tried.

Hayden and Lane are getting the gimbal up and working. The gimbal will allow a “bird’s eye” camera that sits atop a tower on the back of the robot to have a full range of motion to view all around.

We had a lesson in letter writing today-thank you Ms. C for showing us your knowledge of things past. Our thank you letters turned into an embarrassing learning curve for those of us in a generation of emails and texts with people who don’t know what pen pals are – apparently that’s a bad thing. As you can see, there is no room for a stamp, or a return address. In our defense, this was the worst of them (but we are getting there).



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