Happier Earth Today!

Happy Earth Day!

Although our hands were numb, there was trash in our hair, and Tony was swimming in the river, we convinced Lizzie she didn’t want to grow up and be homeless. This was all a conclusion of todays experience of cleaning up trash around the community. We found a defibrillator, multiple wet shirts, some interesting homeless signs, too many broken beer bottles, a knitted blanket, an oil filter, a mattress, a stove top, an insulin needle, and a poop-smelling tire. Oh, also a broken shopping cart.

It was all for the goodness of our society! JK, we are getting donations.

Here is the evidence if you didn’t believe me.



Aside from our Earth day adventures, we actually did some robotics things today.

Mr. Bill is being Sacrificed to the Rock Gods in order for the rocks to get back home in their box.


We put block ramps on the top where the rocks are being put in. Also fans to keep the insides cool!stickersWe are getting stickers like a famous NASCAR Robot. Is that a thing? Yes.

Mr. Bill takes a tumble today as Lane moves the rock pile to get the bottom rock.






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