A Day in the Life of CLOEE

Today we did our best to replicate the Houston competition. The team all drove down to Seychelle’s house in a parade to begin our testing. Although we had discrepancies like grass, an incoming snow storm, and a giant furry friend, the tests were very accurate in terms of time and setting restrictions.



Our “day in the life” run took only 2 minutes over an hour. Because of the area we were in, we had some connection problems that took 20 minutes out of our hour to solve. This was because we picked up the robot in an attempt to protect it from an incoming car. The dynamixels also had moments where they would not work and the team had to reset the robot (this was because August jumped in front of it).

Overall, we did stay close to the time limit and were able to pick up 2 rocks (exceeding Ms. C’s expectations by 200%). We are considering this to be a successful first “day in the life” test.

This will be followed by 2 very long weeks of testing! Wish us luck in Houston! T minus 15 days….


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