Snow Work Day!

It was a quiet Saturday. Despite the blizzard-like conditions we had to trudge through(not really), we made it to the TSJC campus. We all had our own tasks, though some were more productive than others.

Josh and Caleb trying to fix the issue with the wheel getting stuck yesterday before using a drill to talk to each other in Morse code.


Jenny and Hayden are updating their books that they have been seriously neglecting.

(Jenny is ignoring Hayden because he cut his hair. JK)


Fixing the budget: because we are expensive.

Alyssa likes accounting…..IMG_0667






Alyssa changed her mind:


We needed more rocks, so we made them pretty. It became an Easter Fest. IMG_0673

Practicing our rock collecting(it is like an Easter Egg hunt by now):


This is why we aren’t in our sand pit(It’s almost May and it is still snowing???):


We are burying Mr. Bill Alive. Rest in Peace Mr. Bill.


This is Auguste working on the temperature sensor.



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